Wednesday, 14 November 2012

3 little things

The date is the 13th of November. I have been studying and doing web design for almost  year now. From the title you can obviously guess there are some things that are just simply infuriating when it comes to web design. I understand there are certain things that cant be changed when it comes to the coding aspect of it, as anybody can just become a web designer. But there are certain things that just make me lose my mind. Dreamweaver for one, but that's another story. The first thing i noticed about web design is that it is trying to be too clever for its own good, flaunting its cleverness in peoples faces like some cocky adolescent know it all. We get it, you are better than all of us, now shut up while I slap you in the face with this month old salmon! Don't get me wrong, i love web design and i fully understand what it can do and achieve, but seriously, it needs to come down off that pedestle and realize how uncool it's really being.

The second thing, one word, Javascript. Studying HTML and CSS was pretty straight forward and both complimented eachother, but just as you get the grasp of a basic design using the both, Javascript gets thrown in your face and changes the game completely. So far i have not found an easy way to learn Javascript and every time i get my head down and try to do it, i end up staring at the screen daydreaming about flowers. I dont see why its so hard to just create a basic programming language based around HTML and CSS. A stepping stone before you are thrown into the gibberish that is Javascript.

The third is the money. The money you need for this program and that program, this software and that software. I just think its sickening. I thought the internet was supposed to be open source and free to anyone who wants further their knowledge in matters like web design. But i guess these days its all about money, money and more money. Greed is too much of a problem.

This is just my opinion, in no way am i saying my opinion is the right one.
 Just a few things i wanted to get off my chest.